A book for the senses

A new experience for all


About silence, tactile book

A 3D printed book for all

It offers a new communication and tactile experience.
A book designed to be touched, both text and illustrations in relief, giving accessibility to blind people.

The book
Sketch of an illustration of a woman with head clef watering a city with plenty of sound wave

How it was made?

The hard work pays off!

Investigation, enforcement, perseverance and passion. With these ingredients has managed to find the right to make and print the book taking into account factors of design, technical and functional proportions.

how it was made?
4 sketch illustration four animals bodied man watching a man.

Designer and writer

Retrato en blanco y negro de Jennifer mirando seria al espectador

Jennifer Martín-Lorente Design

graphics designer/ photographer

Retrato en blanco y negro de Néstor sonriendo

Néstor Toribio Ruiz writer

UX designer / musician / writer

Print your own book

Step by Step

Note these three factors wing when printing your book: material, mill settings and print settings

three tips
Black and white sketch of a child on some books with an umbrella-shaped octopus, where rain down lettering