Print your own book

Here are some tips

photograph of a 3D printer filament with a roll filaflex

filament Use a flexible one

For the book to be pleasant to the touch it was essential to use flexible filament, which is a material TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) based on polyurethane with high elasticity, resistant to water, acetone, solvent and fuel. This makes the pages of the book easy to fold, washable and wrinkle free.

Cura image program where technical parameters are explained below

Slicing software Use Cura

For the realization of the book, i used the software cure. Being the best results generated in the previous investigation.
The height of layer used was 0.2 for the pages to not have a thickness too high and the printing time is reduced. Printing temperature used was 235 degrees knowing that it obscile between 230-240 (since it is not stable) in order to create a homogeneous surface. Retractions should be as fast and far as possible to not waste that does not generate unwanted.

Photography tray 3d printer Witbox 2

Watch over the level offset and print area

Before printing always checks the offset level, this will only being correct pages with the appropriate amount of filament and uniform.